Based upon feedback from our many guests,
here are some tips that will enhance the
quality of your stay.

1) DO enjoy an early morning walk on the
beach, and see the sunrise over the Atlantic
Ocean.  It's really spectacular.

2) DO make time to take a walk along the
beach at night.  Be sure and bring a flashlight.  
There are many interesting sea-creatures that
come ashore at night.  It will be truly
memorable experience.

3) DO enjoy your time in the sun, but PLEASE
use sunscreen liberally.  It's very easy to get
over-exposed in the direct sunlight.  Always
wear sunglasses when outside in the sun.

4) DO enjoy some of the local restaurants in
Corolla. Our favorites are Tomato Patch, and
Route 12 Restaurant.  
See other restaurants

5) DON'T do most of your grocery shopping
until the Sunday morning of your arrival (for
guests arriving on Saturday).  The lines are
long at the Food Lion on Saturday...Expect an
hour or more wait in line, if you go at peak

6) DON'T smoke inside SmileAway.

7) DO make sure you take all personal
belongings when you depart SmileAway. It is
difficult to return personal items after

8) DO make an entry in our SmileAway diary.  
This is a great place to share your
experiences at SmileAway with other guests
in the future.  We would like your feedback
about SmileAway, and this is a great place to
let us know what you liked and disliked about

9) DON'T leave doors and windows open.  
The salt air is highly corrosive to the amenities
in SmileAway.  Leaving Doors or windows
opens causes us to have to replace amenities
more often than need be, which drives up
costs for future renters.  If you open the
windows, expect to get lots of bug in the

10) Please tell your friends about your stay in
Corolla.  Corolla is a community that thrives
on hosting family vacations !
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