Internet & Phone
Telephone Service:

SmileAway will be offering complimentary
US Long Distance.

Local Service - The local phone number for
SmileAway is 1-252-453-8076

Long Distance - US Long Distance is
included.  Any international calls made by
tennants that are charged to the SmileAway
number will be subject to a $500.00
surcharge, payable from the renter's deposit.
International calls are NOT ALLOWED,
unless the renter uses a legitimate

Internet -  SmileAway offers complimentary
Although download speeds vary according
to provider bandwidth, 3mbps speeds are
available.  1 Dell Pentium Class PCs are
available.  Also, a wireless G LAN is
provided as a complimentary service on the
premises of SmileAway.

A HP multifunction DeskJet is provided.  
Users must supply their own paper and
replace any paper used.  Renters
responsible for ink.

Please note that confidentiality nor privacy
can be assured or guaranteed for any files or
use due to the public nature of the internet
service and computer provided at
SmileAway.  The owners of SmileAway
assume no liability for loss of any privacy
information nor can the owners guarantee
that personal information entered into the
SmileAway PC or network services  
provided will not be protected in any way.  
Use of the SmileAway PC or internet service
constitutes acknowledgement of no privacy
protection of any personal or private
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